TEDx Bristol – Failure

A short film exploring different perspectives on the prospect and consequences of… FAILURE!

Janey Mcleod – This Little Girl

This little girl wants to leap high,  grow a propeller, take off and fly…

We are people of the past

Upon finding family photos & the memoirs of her grandfather Ken, Kate learns more about his experiences during the war.


Video art piece inspired by “Real” the thought provoking poem by Janey Mcleod.


Janey Mcleod
Becky Sage
Mihai Florea

Soundtrack: Ambient Days by Malt Tabutated Sounds


Kingsley Zah – Not a Player

Music video featuring the talented Kingsley Zah

Experiment Ionesco

Theatrical performance at the Wickham Theatre based on the Chairs play by Eugene Ionesco

Directed By:: Ileana Gherghina
Cast:: Mihai Florea & Ileana Gherghina

Pandora LLC Induction (Electric Forest Viral Clip)

Induction video for new starters at Pandora LLC the shady organisation behind the strange occurrences in Electric Forest

James:: Marcus Carroll
Dr Kate Buren:: Becky Sage
Dr Jarvis Petrescu:: Mihai Florea

Electric Forest

Kate & James, two scientists from a shady organisation are faced with a moral dilemma as they conduct an experiment in a remote forest. They believe their genetic experiment on Maya has failed, yet it is not possible to let her go as she could pose a severe risk to the public and expose the work of the corporation.
Kate wants to kill her, James is unsure, Maya awaits their decision.

© Olu Adeola 2013

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