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As long as I can remember I have always had an obsession with narrative both written as well as implied through imagery.

Searching for a practical application for this preoccupation of mine I decided to study 3D design at The University of Plymouth.

During the course I specialized in spacial design however what I was interested in more than the aesthetic and technical qualities of a space was the story behind how people interact with each other within it.

This preoccupation caused me to veer away from design towards the world of film.

After leaving University I was contemplating a career in design when I felt like something wasn’t quite right.

I was far more interested in the subtle complexities of people and how the slightest amount of body language can tell a story even before any words are spoken

It was then that I remembered something my lecturer said to me…

He said your an OK designer but you should really think about making films.

At the time I didn’t think much of It, then a few years later I bought a camera and embarked on a journey of collaboration with some incredibly talented people working on everything form short films & music videos to experimental video art pieces.