The Bible for Creatives


I recently read devoured an amazing book called the War of Art which details in a humorous and thorough way how one can overcome creative blocks that are forms of resistance to doing your work.

It really made me look at my habits and my attitude to the creative work I undertake as well as how I spend my time whilst doing it. Things like looking out of the window for 10 minutes, reading an article, having a sudden compulsion to wash dishes or watching a video related to my work oftentimes have little benefit and are in fact procrastination a pernicious and insidious form of resistance.

If your a writer, your fingers should be flying across the keyboard writing for a set amount of time, it really doesn’t matter what you write as long as you are writing. No staring out of the window pondering about writing, No watching of YouTube documentaries about the best way to structure your article, just sit down and write, anything less is resistance.

If you have a new business or charity idea and you feel that all you have been doing is research, well perhaps its time to stop researching and start some serious planning of your venture or creative project.

It really doesn’t matter what form this takes or how disorganized it is. As long as you are putting thoughts to paper you are doing something productive and the very act of this leaves the door open for the muse to step into your mind and inspire you with her wisdom.

In fact the very act of me writing this article is a form of resistance to the work that I should be doing, so to sum up the essence of this book, The “secret” to overcoming writers block or any kind of impasse in your creative process is to behave like a professional and just Do the work.

This book isn’t just for creatives, If you feel like you have serious unmet goals in your life or are lacking direction then this is the book for you.

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